Monday, February 9, 2009

Universal Waste Rule - Pharmaceutical Wastes and Take-back Programs

EPA has proposing to add hazardous pharmaceutical wastes to the Universal Waste Rule. The Universal Waste Rule, originally promulgated in 1995, modified hazardous waste regulations by establishing a set of streamlined requirements for the collection of certain widely dispersed hazardous wastes, called "universal wastes''. EPA expects that the proposed rule would facilitate better management of pharmaceutical wastes by streamlining the generator requirements and encouraging generators of hazardous pharmaceutical wastes to manage them under the provisions of the Universal Waste Rule. This Rule ensures that hazardous pharmaceutical wastes are properly disposed of and treated as hazardous wastes.

In addition, this proposed rule would facilitate the implementation of pharmaceutical take-back programs by removing RCRA barriers in the collection of pharmaceutical wastes from health care and other such regulated facilities, as well as facilitate the collection of pharmaceutical wastes from households, including non-hazardous pharmaceutical wastes.

Caltha LLP assists waste generators in developing cost effective waste management procedures that meet State and Federal waste management Rules.

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