Friday, February 27, 2009

Regional Low Carbon Fuel Standard - LCFS Initiative For 11 States

Eleven Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States have committed to developing a regional Low Carbon Fuel Standard in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fuels for vehicles and other uses. These States will work together to create a common fuel standard that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a technology-neutral basis.

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), as defined in the Letter of Intent for the initiative, is a market-based, technologically neutral policy to address the carbon content of fuels by requiring reductions in the average lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions per unit of useful energy. A LCFS could apply to transportation fuels, and also to fuels used for heating buildings, for industrial processes, and for electricity generation.

The participating States commit to an effort to analyze low carbon fuel supply options and develop a framework for a regional LCFS in the Northeast-Mid-Atlantic region. These States also agree to draft a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the development of a regional low carbon fuel standard program, to be forwarded for consideration by the governors of the States by December 31, 2009, or as soon thereafter as possible.

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