Monday, February 2, 2009

SPCC Template Plan - Revised SPCC Rule 40 CFR 112

Effective February 3, 2009, US EPA streamlined SPCC Rule (40 CFR 112) becomes effective. The amended rule tailored the SPCC requirements for a subset of qualified facilities. Now the owner or operator of a qualified facility has the option to self-certify their SPCC Plan and comply with other streamlined requirements.

This final rule designates a subset of qualified facilities (“Tier I qualified facilities”) as those that meet the current criteria to self-certify their SPCC Plan and that have no oil storage containers with an individual aboveground storage capacity greater than 5,000 gallons. A Tier I qualified facility has the option to complete a self-certified SPCC Plan template instead of a full SPCC Plan. By completing the SPCC Plan template, an owner or operator of the facility will certify that the facility complies with a set of streamlined SPCC rule requirements. All other qualified facilities will be designated “Tier II qualified facilities.”

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