Wednesday, March 25, 2009

North Carolina CAFO General NPDES Permit Renewal

The North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources – Division of Water Quality has revised its general NPDES discharge permits for confined animal feeding operations (CAFO). The current general permits for waste systems at swine, cattle and dairy and wet poultry operations will expire on Sept. 30, 2009. Operators of swine, cattle and poultry farms who come under the state general permits for wastewater systems need to apply for renewal under the new permit before April 1, 2009.

Animal feeding operations that have more than 250 swine, 100 confined cattle or dairy animals, 75 horses or a wet litter operation for more than 30,000 chickens are required to apply for a permit from the state.

General permits set requirements for waste management activities common to facilities of a particular type, and are issued as a class every five years. General permits for animal operations are issued along with certificates of coverage that address specific requirements for each facility.

The new general permits differ from the current permits in some operational, monitoring and reporting requirements. The most substantive change to the current permit is that application of waste must stop within 4 hours of a National Weather Service (NWS) issuing a warning of a hurricane, tropical storm or flood watch for the county in which the CAFO is located.

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