Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Illinois Clean Air Mercury Rule CAMR Revision

Illinois' Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR) provides for the control of mercury from coal-fired electric generating units. Despite the fact that the federal CAMR rule has been vacated, IEPA regards the majority of the rule as in effect. However, because a number of monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting provisions simply incorporated the federal CAMR rule by reference, and so are no longer valid, the Illinois rule must be amended.

The proposed rule no longer requires a CEMS, but allows periodic emissions testing as an alternative. Additionally, under the proposed rule, units complying with the Multi-Pollutant Standard or the Combined-Pollutant Standard can elect to comply with these monitoring requirements or with semi-annual emissions testing requirements

Under current rules, emissions monitoring must have commenced by January 1, 2009. However, in the proposed rule, this deadline is extended until July 1, 2009. The proposed rule also amends reporting requirements.

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