Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Oregon (ODEQ) Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rules

On Oct. 23, 2008, the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission approved new Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting rules. The rules were proposed to gain a better understanding of the sources of GHG, and to track progress toward meeting GHG emission reduction goals. The new rules will govern the collection of data regarding GHG emission sources in Oregon.

ODEQ efforts to quantify GHG emissions are connected to regional efforts through the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) and a national database maintained by The Climate Registry (TCR). ODEQ is a member of the WCI and is participating in developing a mandatory reporting program for a market-based regional program to reduce GHG.

Permitted facilities that must report emissions for calendar year 2009 are:

  • Facilities that have a Title V permit and emit 2,500 metric tons of combined greenhouse gases per year; and
  • Facilities burning various listed fuels and emitting more than 2,500 metric tons per year.

Caltha LLP assists permitted facilities in complying with State and Federal air emission reporting requirements.

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