Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Environmental Training - RCRA HazCom SWPPP SPCC Audit Training

Caltha LLP offers a wide variety of Environmental Training courses developed to meet requirements of numerous regulatory programs.

Check here to review an archive of sample training projects Caltha has completed

Training is offered in a number of flexible formats, ranging from traditional classroom training presented periodically in different locations, to facility-level training conducted at individual sites to meet employee and/or contractor training needs. Caltha offers web-based and remote training options. Caltha also creates facility-specific training materials and conducts “train-the-trainer” sessions for facility training staff.

Caltha provides training in the following areas:
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RCRA - Hazardous Waste Generator (LQG) Training
HazCom - Hazard Communication Training
Stormwater Pollution Prevention - SWPPP Training [read more about State-specific SWPPP training]
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure - SPCC Training
Internal Compliance Audit Training
Internal EMS Audit Training
Contractor Training Programs
Facility Environmental Regulatory Overview Course

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