Thursday, January 22, 2009

Battery Recycling Requirements - New European Union Rules

New EU-wide rules to boost the collection and recycling of used domestic batteries came into force recently. The rules are intended to reduce the environmental and health hazards posed by mercury, lead, cadmium and other metals in batteries.

The targets, agreed by EU member states, are the collection of 25 % of discarded household batteries by 2012. This target will rise to 45 % in 2016.

By September 26, 2009 all batteries collected should be recycled, with exceptions in certain circumstances. Batteries containing mercury, lead and cadmium are classified in Europe as "hazardous waste". The new rules also cover industrial and vehicle batteries, ensuring that users have the possibility of returning used batteries for collection. The new rules also include restrictions on the use of mercury in all batteries and on the use of cadmium in portable batteries.

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