Saturday, January 27, 2018

Who Needs A WDNR Solid Waste or Hazardous Waste Licence?

In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires certain businesses that handle solid wastes, hazardous wastes, recyclable materials and other special wastes to have a licence issued by WDNR. This licence is in addition to any requirements to obtain an EPA facility ID, notify WDNR of hazardous waste activities, or to obtain a RCRA permit, if needed. Licences are required for 1) transporters and waste haulers, and 2) certain facilities.

Unlicensed Solid Waste Dump Identified 
During A Site Inspection

Waste Transporters/Haulers Licence

Businesses would need a waste transportation license if they:
  • transport more than 20 tons of solid waste during a year;
  • transport hazardous waste from businesses or institutions (non-households); or
  • transporting more than 50 pounds of infectious waste within any one calendar month.
Special requirements have been published for haulers of solid waste or recyclables, waste tire haulers, used oil transporters/handlers. Not all businesses need a state license to transport solid waste, recyclables, hazardous waste or infectious waste; solid waste/recyclable transportation license  and infectious waste transportation license exemptions are listed in DNR rules.

Facility Licence

A DNR license is required for a solid waste landfill. In most cases, a DNR license is required for a compost facility, processing facility, storage facility, woodburning facility, incinerator or transfer station. Facilities that treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste must be licensed by the DNR, unless the activity is specifically exempt from the licensing requirement.

Caltha LLP assists waste generators and handlers in Wisconsin in applying for hazardous waste generator licence, developing hazardous waste management programs, providing employee hazardous waste training and waste reduction / waste minimization consulting.