Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New York City Clean Act Controls Industial Laundries Within the City

The Clean Act was passed by the New York City Council in June 2016. Pending the Mayor’s signature industrial launders doing business in New York City will have 180 days in which to submit the license application.

The Clean Act adds licensing requirements for linen and uniform supply launderers serving New York City. Each licensee will be required to attach a label or tag to all handcarts and pushcarts that displays the licensee’s name, address and license number. In addition, all bills, tickets, cards, advertising or stationery issued or distributed by any licensee shall contain such licensee’s name, address and license number. In addition, each vehicle used for retail or industrial laundry delivery shall display the licensee’s name, business address and business telephone number and the license number assigned.

The Clean Act also includes minimum standards of cleanliness and hygiene to be observed by each permitee.

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