Saturday, August 27, 2016

DOT Certification Training - Initial and Triennial Training For Minnesota HazMat Employees

Caltha LLP offers training services to HazMat Employers who need to have initial or reoccurring triennial training for their designated HaMat employees. Training is tailored for each facility and is based on specific DOT hazardous materials actually shipped or handled. Training is provided at your location or can be provide "live" through a webinar format. Caltha provides training exams and issues training certifications. For further information or to request a quote, go to Caltha's "Employer's Environmental Health and Safety Training Center".

In addition to training services, Caltha offers a wide range of compliance support services to operations that periodically ship and/or handle DOT regulated HazMat, including RCRA hazardous waste:
Caltha LLP provides specialized expertise to clients nationwide in the evaluation environmental rules, developing EHS compliance procedures, and preparing cost-effective EHS management programs. For further information contact Caltha LLP at or Caltha LLP Website 

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