Monday, January 28, 2013

Revised TSCA Requirements for Ethaneperoxoic acid, 1,1-dimethylpropyl ester

Under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), EPA is proposing to amend the significant new use rule (SNUR) for the chemical ethaneperoxoic acid, 1,1-dimethylpropyl ester, which was the subject of premanufacture notice (PMN). This action would amend the SNUR to allow certain uses without requiring a significant new use notice (SNUN), and would extend SNUN requirements to certain additional uses. EPA is proposing this amendment based on review of new toxicity test data. Comments must be received on or before February 27, 2013.

After the review of new test data subsequent to issuance of the TSCA section 5(e) consent order for the chemical and consideration of the factors included in TSCA section 5(a)(2), EPA determined that the chemical substance meets one or more of the concern criteria, but that these criteria are no longer met for the personal protective equipment, hazard communication, and specific use notification requirements. Consequently, EPA is proposing this modification to the SNUR.

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