Sunday, January 20, 2013

Federal PM Advance Program To Assist Compliance With Revised PM2.5 Air Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated a new voluntary clean air program, 'PM Advance' to help communities continue to meet new PM2.5 air quality standards, improve air quality and protect public health.

On December 14, 2012, EPA updated the national air quality standards for PM 2.5 by revising the annual standard to 12 ug/m3. While federal rules are expected to ensure that most areas meet the new standards, areas can participate in PM Advance to help them remain in attainment. The PM Advance program is designed to help communities who meet current standards continue to meet the standards. Early work to reduce fine particles, such as PM Advance participation, can be incorporated into required planning. Through the program, participants will commit to taking specific steps to reduce fine particle pollution, such as putting in place a school bus retrofit program or an air quality action day program, while EPA will supply technical advice, outreach information, and other support.

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