Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GHG Reporting Rule for Carbon Dioxide Injection and Geologic Sequestration

US EPA has proposed an amendment the GHG Reporting Rule to require reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for carbon dioxide (CO2) injection, including geologic sequestration (GS) sites. In addition to tracking CO2 emissions across CO2 capture and injection, this proposal will allow EPA to collect data on efficacy of GS sites for long-term storage of CO2.

The proposed rule would require that sources inject CO2 or sequester CO2 for the purposes of GS to monitor and report emissions. During the development of the GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule, EPA received comments that the Agency should include downstream end-users of CO2, including CO2 used for enhanced oil recovery and/or CO2 geologically sequestered.

The Comment Period on the proposed rule will close June 11, 2010 and EPA anticipates the final rule will be published in October 2010

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