Sunday, December 11, 2016

Environmental Compliance Training, Waste Management Training, SPCC Training

Caltha LLP provides a wide range of training programs to industrial and government sector clients to meet the requirements of State and EPA rules, permits and related spill and emergency preparedness rules. Training can be provided to large or small groups and is provided either in person at your location, or through a live webinar format. For further information and to request a quote, go to Employer's Environmental Health and Safety Training Center.

The training sessions commonly requested include:
  • Hazardous waste management training
  • SPCC annual training
  • Spill response training
  • DOT hazardous material (HazMat) triennial recertification and initial training
  • Facility compliance training overview (covering a wide range of typical facility environmental compliance topics)
  • Internal compliance auditor training
  • Industrial and construction site stormwater discharge permit training
  • Stormwater monitoring training
  • Training for site inspections
Caltha LLP provides specialized expertise to clients nationwide in the evaluation environmental rules, developing EHS compliance procedures, and preparing cost-effective EHS management programs. For further information contact Caltha LLP at or Caltha LLP Website