Sunday, December 15, 2013

Air Permit Compliance Assessment and Option D Registration Permit Source Review

Caltha LLP Project Summary

Project: Air Permit Compliance Audit and Registration Permit Tracking Review

Client: International Beverage and Food Product Company

Location(s): Minnesota

Key Elements: Air Emission Reporting Review, Air Emission Inventory, Permit Compliance Assessment

Overview: This facility retained Caltha to conduct a review of air permit compliance with the MPCA Option D Registration Permit. The review was prompted by recent staff turn-over at the facility and an impeding multi-media audit being conducted by the corporate group. Facility management wanted to assure that all applicable air emission sources were permitted, emission tracking systems were accurate and complete, and that new staff responsible for on-going permit compliance activities were provided with ”on-the-job” training .

Caltha staff conducted on on-site inspection of the facility to identify all equipment and processes which were subject to air emission permitting. Emission tracking records and calculation spreadsheets were reviewed to confirm that all applicable emission sources were included and that calculations were accurate. Some revisions to spreadsheets were required. Caltha staff then provided training to facility staff on new tracking procedures.

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