Friday, July 20, 2012

What Are Legal and Other Requirements Under ISO 14001?

One of the more challenging aspects of conforming to the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is addressing “other requirements” The term “other requirements” is always associated with “legal requirements” within the standard and has the same obligations. An organization must identify its “other requirements” and periodically assess compliance.

Legal requirements are more easily understood by most organizations; these are identified in laws, rules, regulations, and in permits that the organization is subject to. However, “other requirements” are those obligations the organization has taken on that go beyond legal requirements. Some examples may be trade organization standards for responsible care of chemicals, agreements for labeling of products, or voluntary industry product stewardship programs.

It is important to recognize that under ISO 14001, once an organization makes a commitment to meet these types of requirements, they have the same importance as legal requirements under ISO 14001. This means that the organization must periodical assess its compliance (i.e, audit) with these other requirements.

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