Wednesday, July 14, 2010

EPA Agrees To Review 28 Industry MACT Standards

U.S. EPA has agreed to examine its air pollution rules for 28 industry sectors within the next eight years,in response to a suit filed in Oakland, CA. Under the settlement, EPA would face a court deadline to review about a quarter of its maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards, which set industry-by-industry limits on hazardous air pollutants. During reviews of current technology for the 28 sectors, the agency would have to decide whether to impose tougher restrictions or leave the existing emissions limits in place.

The settlement also requires the agency to perform residual risk assessments, which analyze public health impacts that remain once all required controls have all been put in place.

Some of the sectors included for review are the paper, furniture, aerospace, aluminum production, cement manufacturing, lead smelting, pesticide manufacturing, pharmaceuticals production and shipbuilding.

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