Monday, May 10, 2010

Tier I SPCC Plan - SPCC Template Plan

In 2008, US EPA finalized its streamlined SPCC Rule (40 CFR 112). The amended rule tailored the SPCC requirements for a subset of qualified facilities. The owner or operator of a qualified facility has the option to self-certify their SPCC Plan and comply with other streamlined requirements.

The final rule designated a subset of qualified facilities (“Tier I qualified facilities”) as those that meet the current criteria to self-certify their SPCC Plan and that have no oil storage containers with an individual aboveground storage capacity greater than 5,000 gallons. A Tier I qualified facility has the option to complete a self-certified SPCC Plan template instead of a full SPCC Plan. By completing the SPCC Plan template, an owner or operator of the facility will certify that the facility complies with a set of streamlined SPCC rule requirements. All other qualified facilities will be designated “Tier II qualified facilities.”

Caltha LLP assists facilities in complying with SPCC Rules, including several very cost effective options for Tier I Qualified Facilities to prepare their SPCC Plan Template. For futher information on SPCC services, go to:
SPCC - 40 CFR 112 Compliance Services

Caltha LLP provides specialized expertise to clients nationwide in the evaluation environmental rules, developing EH&S compliance procedures, and preparing cost-effective EH&S management programs.

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