Thursday, November 20, 2008

Manufacturer Requirements under EU REACH Directive

Much of the REACH Directive details requirements placed on manufacturers and importers of chemicals. In summary, unlike past regulations, REACH places the burden of proof regarding potential risks of chemicals on the manufacturers and importers.

For all regulated materials, manufacturers/importers will be required to prepare an assessment of risks to human health and the environment associated with the identified uses of the subject material. Therefore, to accomplish this, manufacturers/importers will first need to identify the uses of the material. Then, based on the recognized uses, exposure scenarios and risk assessment can be completed. At this point, manufacturers can recommend procedures for use, pollution prevention practices, personal protective measures, or other measures to mitigate the risks associated with the recognized uses.

The European Chemicals Agency will review the risk information submitted. The agency will determine if further mitigations are required, or if more broad restrictions need to be developed.

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